Philosophy of Human Resources

A company of virtual brilliance believes that the main influence of the HR philosophy is to find human resources
From its philosophy and suggested staff, refining their talents and encouraging them to pro-productive and business, and to maintain them by enhancing the sense of institutional affiliation
General Principles of Human Resource Management in Shine Real Estate Company:
  • Accuracy in the selection and assignment of talent and competencies by their limits is the main source in achieving the objectives and objectives of the company.
  • Creating and renewing a distinctive work environment.
  • Develop staff performance and build a high culture
  • To take care of talents by creating opportunities for developing their talents and career advancement.
  • Building an organizational structure based on establishing the principle of functional loyalty.
  • Building a good and appropriate job climate through transparent and credible working procedures.
  • Build and dedicate the concept of work and work to build the soul.
  • Preparation of products and systems for the availability of qualified personnel.
  • Harnessing all technological possibilities to facilitate the employee`s task in accomplishing his work.

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