("Taaloq") is considering the implementation of new projects in Bosnia and a tourist resort at a cost of $ 21 million
More: Kuwait market suffers from sharp inflation in real estate prices
The limited investment opportunities in Kuwait push real estate companies to invest abroad
Foreign investment achieves rewarding profits for both investor and client
The residential and investment property is subject to a strong correction that is unlikely in light of the current demand
New legislation is needed to open the market and free up more land
Tariq Orabi wrote:
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Real Estate Company Dr. Ahmed Al-More that the limited investment opportunities inside Kuwait prompted the company and other Kuwaiti companies to invest in a number of foreign markets, mainly the Bosnian and Turkish markets.
He added in a special interview with Al Watan that the serious investor is always looking for viable opportunities for him or even for the end customer. Therefore, in light of the tight investment opportunities in the real estate sector in Kuwait, the company has decided to launch its real estate through a number of promising international markets, Especially as it sees in foreign investment promising opportunities that will bring profitable profits to both the investor and the client.
Kuwait Stock Exchange
He added that the Kuwaiti real estate market is currently suffering from a sharp inflation in prices resulting from imbalance in supply and demand, which led to the real estate prices in Kuwait to unprecedented prices adversely affected the returns generated by the investor as well as may move the real estate sector from the Department of safe investment to the investment is fraught Risk.
He further pointed out that the residential real estate sector is suffering from the high number of citizens looking for private housing, which created a real estate crisis that led to higher prices, which made it difficult for the Kuwaiti citizen to own a property at an appropriate price.
He added that new legislation is needed to open the market and free more land in a manner that helps stabilize the prices of land and residential properties, as well as opening the way for the private sector to help solve the housing crisis.
He further ruled out that housing and investment prices will witness a strong correction at the current stage in Kuwait, especially in the presence of about 100 thousand housing applications, stressing that any correction in prices will not be a viable correction for housing applicants unless the problem of large numbers of caregivers .
He added that "Shine" focuses on its projects in Bosnia and Turkey through projects that have been selected based on the principle of quality and price. The company has acquired a number of distinctive lands and also launched the most important projects in Bosnia, namely Countryside Resort, The total of about 21 million dollars, pointing out that Bosnia has a number of unique features, led by the nature of nature and the increasing tourist demand for the country, not to mention the moderate cost for a European tourist country.
He added that Bosnia still needs to invest in the real estate and tourism sectors, especially on the tourism side. Finally, the entry of a group of Gulf investors, most notably the entry of a Saudi investor, was noted through the establishment of the Bristol Hotel in the capital Sarajevo and the largest shopping mall in Sarajevo.
Another advantage of investment in Bosnia is the lack of annual taxes on the property, as in other European countries where the tax is paid only once when selling or buying, and Bosnia is currently awaiting the step to join the European Union, which would return To benefit the investor, especially as some countries that have joined the European Union recently saw their real estate increased significantly.
Countryside Resort
He added: Countryside Resort combines the pleasure of the one hand, and investment on the other, the units available at the resort provides the investor a promising investment opportunity, in addition to the rental revenues of the units, as the company has a management specializes in the process of re-leasing of units for the benefit of customers, The resort is a source of investment with a good return, pointing out that the resort consists of 172 villas with modern engineering designs and distinct, along with a number of apartments and about 18 different service facilities.
He further stressed that "Shine" was keen to guarantee the rights of its customers in Sarajevo by providing a documented ownership contract to the client, as there are ways to document the ownership of the property in Bosnia through the same document of sale of the same property with the Office of Real Estate Registry in Bosnia, Indeed.
He pointed out that the company resorted to the official legal approach so that the client finds an official document stating explicitly the name of the client as a buyer of real estate in the Land Registry and documented by the court to secure the right to own the property, which gives him confidence and confidence for the future, but is expected to open the Bosnia to the ownership Foreign investors similar to the move taken by Turkey nearly three years ago, which eventually led to attracting more foreign investment to Turkey hundreds of billions of dollars.
future plans
He further stated that the "Taaloq of real estate" in the search for permanent new markets represent good opportunities for investors, and has other projects being prepared to be a qualitative addition to the investment market in Bosnia, all aimed at enhancing investor confidence in the Bosnian market

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