AL-Mazeed : Taaloq Real Estate .. offers its customers elite properties in Turkey and Bosnia
The CEO of the real estate company, Dr. Ahmed Al-Maher, announced the launch of the company in the Kuwaiti real estate market to present its products and investment real estate projects currently in Turkey and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina for investors.
He further explained that the real estate market is active in the territory of Bosnia and Turkey, especially by Gulf investors who started their investments in recent years, taking advantage of the real estate opportunities in the region.
He added that the projects in Bosnia are characterized by many characteristics that make it attractive to investors, as close to the capital Sarajevo, and possess the charm of nature with wonderful views, while full services are available for all projects. Necessary.
Al-Akaria is the sole and exclusive owner and marketer of Country Side Resort, known as the largest Kuwaiti-Gulf spa in the capital, Sarajevo, with its European-style luxury services, including apartments, modern style villas, artificial lakes and waterfalls, and the customs and traditions of the resort.
He added that the projects in the Turkish territory are characterized by a vibrant and natural environment. It is located in the most important tourist cities of Istanbul, Bursa and Trabzon, so it is easy to travel to and from airports, as well as wonderful views of marine projects and others.
The economic boom in Turkey is the biggest investment motive, while Istanbul is considered a source of capital in the European region and an exceptional economic boom. He added that experts believe that the country is witnessing an unprecedented tourist boom for visitors with solutions In 2015, and close documented statistics indicate that the number of visitors and tourists to Turkey increased about 5 times in 2006 than in the previous, while the size of tourism can be predicted in 2015 with the stability of a qualitative country and growing growing in the economy, and the demand for large projects, including one bridge Bosphorus which walk Stewing in Europe.
He further pointed out that his company recently contracted with a number of international contracting companies to carry out its huge projects in Turkey, stressing that the company`s projects are ready for delivery and the other will be delivered by the end of this year.
He further stated that his company offers many financial facilities to its customers wishing to invest smartly in its projects on European territory, including the easy installments without Murabaha or interest, and installment payments in installments up to 36 months at the same cash price, and customers have real estate before the payment ends.
Finally, he called on Kuwaiti and Gulf investors to invest in smart projects in the European market in particular, stressing the many investment advantages, he said.

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