The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Taaloq company, Dr. Ahmed Al-More that there are several things encouraged Kuwaiti companies to invest in Eastern Europe, including Bosnia, especially in light of rising real estate returns there by between 10 and 30 percent, and there is a large trend of the capital of the Gulf in general for investment In Bosnia, not to mention the political stability of the region there, especially in light of the political turmoil in the Arab region and the Middle East, where capital is usually known as cowardly and seeking stability, which has now led companies to invest in Eastern Europe, Which is expected to enter soon And is in an advanced stage of entry into the EU, where prices are expected to rise by at least 40 percent.
He added that his company is a company developed in Bosnia and has a project of residential resort on an area of ​​126 thousand square meters at an estimated cost of $ 35 million, and is working in the sale of land in Bosnia, stressing that according to the control of markets in that region, Is profitable, where the investor achieves returns ranging between 10 and 30 percent

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